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Rize Rz3 12″ CopperBreeze Cooling Fabric Gel Memory Foam Luxury Plush Mattress


  • CopperBreeze Temperature Optimized Sleep Cover-cooling fabric and threads made with real copper combine to regulate heat.
  • Top Layer-Quilted topper of 1" cool gel memory foam and .5" soft comfort foam. Second layer-2 inches of cool gel memory foam.
  • Ventilation in second foam layer adds breathability for additional cooling
  • Third Layer-3 inches of perfect transition foam.
  • Base Layer-5.5. inches of ultimate base foam.
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The Rize RZ3 has the comforting support of foam with the temperature optimization of copper. This skillfullt engineered mattresse offers the softness you love without the temperature spikes. This model was crafted with specific material compositions to deliver optimum comfort, support, and feel.

From cooling copper covers and gel quilting, to layers that help transition and the ultimate base foam, the Rize RZ3 mattress deliver multidimensional support. The rz3 is layered with cool gel memory foam to give you a cool night’s rest, while the foam base provides the perfect support. Stay comfortable with the CopperBreeze™ cover made to regulate heat with cooling fabric and threads made with real copper.

Unmistakable plushness and support. Thicker comfort layers and the CopperBreeze Temperature Optimized Sleep Cover over supportive base foam deliver the perfect balance of softness and support. The CopperBreeze Temperature Optimized Sleep Cover uses threads made with real copper to help regulate heat. Thicker comfort layers add more softness, while the firm base foam delivers support.

Rize RZ3 Construction

  • Cool touch cover: We use special cooling fabric that is carefully engineered to prevent heat from building up while you sleep
  • CopperBreeze technology: Copper naturally regulates temperature, so we wove threads with real copper into our cover to help disperse heat
  • Cool gel memory foam: The gel infusion in the top layer of foam keeps it from getting too warm
  • Extra quilting: Get more comfort from an added top layer that increases softness without losing the supportive base
  • Ventilation: Small holes in the second layer release heat and let the mattress breathe
  • Perfect transition foam: The middle layer of the mattress is carefully engineered to be just the right mixture of comfort and support
  • Ultimate base foam: Underneath everything is a bottom layer that provides firm support without sacrificing softness
  • Easy-to-ship box: Each mattress is rolled and sealed to keep it simple to transport and carry


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